Sew Along Week 3.1

Sleeve Variations.

from Mrs. Parks.

When last we left off I had tantalized you all with the promise that I would talk about a couple of sleeve variations you could do.


View C of the Laughing Moon pattern shows a very pretty short puffed sleeve.  I think of this as THE SLEEVE of the Regency, the one most associated with the silhouette of the era. However the regency era has a vast array of sleeve options besides this simple variant.

I thought it would be fun to show a couple variations one could do with the SAME pattern piece just altering the way it is made up.

Variation 1


Here is the short puffed sleeve pleated onto my form and on to a dummy arm.

The pattern calls for the sleeve to be gathered into the armscye and a band.

So this variation shows pleats instead of gathers, and the length if one did a casing for historically inaccurate elastic (as opposed to the length and finish of a band as called for in the pattern).


Variation 2


I think this Variation is best suited for very drapey fabrics.  The bottom edge is left free and the center point on the sleeve shifted back on the shoulder.  A simple hem or decorative border of lace would be lovely here. Something about this feels very Grecian and mature.


Variation 3


Here we have left the bottom edge un-gathered but used a ribbon to loop up the center of the sleeve.  This variation is much like the front to the bodice in View C, repeating that design element on the sleeve gives a purposeful feel to the gown as a whole.

Variation 3.2


Here it is with the sleeve caught up in multiple places, a very pretty effect. I think it would look lovely repeated at the hem of gown, which is good considering that this pattern runs a little long.

So here are three (ish) ways to use the same pattern piece to achieve a different effect.  I like to think, “What my character would like? Does she dress a little young for her age? Is she a settled and imposing matron? Which sleeve would appeal to these different women?”

What other variations can you think of?

Here is a link to a whole slew Regency sleeve inspirations.

Next Time:  I discuss fabric lay outs and touch briefly on the lay out variations I was forced to take. Also cutting out and assembling the bodice.

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