Sew-Along with Mrs. Parks: Creating a Regency Dress Together!

Timeline at the bottom of this post!

Gpattern frontood Day to all our genteel readers out there! There is about one month until our third  “Mrs Parks’ Rout” and fevered questions surrounding What to Wear are burning in everyone’s breast.  Last time we hosted a Rout we featured these little morsels about thrifting, buying, and repurposing your Rout wear. 

This year I thought we’d up the ante (to use vulgar gambling cant) and do a “Sew Along” of Laughing Moon Pattern #126: Ladies’ Round & Trained Gown Pattern.

I have never used this pattern, preferring instead to drape my own gowns, but it seems to me that draping one’s own pattern is a lot to ask of the average sewist.  I still wanted to offer a way for those interested in sewing for themselves to have a little help and encouragement and then this pattern came to mind. My dear friend Mrs. Bennett has offered to sew along with me and journal about her experience this month on our blog!  

So please join us all Month Long!



Mrs. Parks


About the Sew Along for Mrs. Parks’ Regency Rout:

The Sew Along Posts will be shared each weekend between now and The Rout on the PERC website, the PERC Facebook page, and the Rout Facebook Event. If you decide you’d like to Sew Along, feel free to ask questions or share your own sewing with us in the comments here or on Facebook!

We’ll be breaking up the project into four to five weeks of work so you can pace yourself. But if you’d like to work ahead, please feel free to do so. Do not let us deter you in any way!

Here’s what the posting schedule and project timeline will look like:

  • Mrs. Parks’ Rout Sew Along Post every Saturday: a missive from Mrs. Parks about the next phase of the project.
  • Mrs. Bennett’s  Sew Along Post every mid-week -: a missive from Mrs. Bennett about her experience following the pattern and the general experience of sewing up her gown for the Rout.

Sew Along Timeline:

WEEK ONE – May 24- May 28.

Purchase Pattern

Purchase Fabrics

Purchase Basics

Prepare sewing area


WEEK TWO – May 28 – June 4 (give or take!)

Pattern prep and undergarments



WEEK THREE – June 4 – June 11

Fashion fabric cut and assemble


WEEK FOUR – June 11 – June 18

Finishing/ accessories


WEEK FIVE – June 18 – June 25.

Catching up and last minute fixes.

Practice dancing, curtsying, and twirling.

Admire your work and share with the world!


You’ll notice that we’ve built in a bit of catch-up time in the final week before the Rout. We hope that this will allow for those who start late to finish in time (also some extra time in case life gets in the way!).



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