Mrs. Parks’ Rout: Encouraging the Evening’s Historical Conceit

regencey dancers

Dearest Reader,

As we all gather our best feathers and prettiest accessories for the evening, I feel compelled just to mention a few things about the evening’s conceit. We are hoping to evoke the spirit of a bygone age but not necessarily every historical detail. We hope you have an evening which contains moments of time-travelling magic. Here are some ideas to spark your historical imagination:


click to see larger version

Flirt with your fan, be outraged by Beau Brummel’s last scandal, ask someone to dance and feel the thrill of that shared endeavour.

Beau Brummell
We hope that for a moment the dry heat of our California summer melts into the temperate climate of Hertfordshire over 200 years ago. There are some ways though we hope out little dance is NOT like the Regency era:

  • We’ll have central air conditioning for instance and we’ll have indoor plumbing and electricity.
  • We’ll allow, nay even encourage, women to arrive unescorted and to ask someone to “stand up” with them.
  • We will also promise not to look askance at a lady who walks across the room unescorted and we even hope you’ll laugh out loud, showing ALL your teeth.

Please feel free to gender self- identify and dance with whomever your heart desires regardless of whether they wear gown or pantaloons. If a couple of the same sex does dance together there are sashes provided to make it easier to track the movement of the dance like in this dance video.

You see a woman dancing the “man’s part” is wearing a sash so other dancers in the line know what part she is dancing in the figure. We will even be dancing this exact dance so you can study up if you are so inclined.

When I attend a costume event, I like to imagine what I would arrive in. Would my family keep a carriage ourselves, or have to borrow one?



What sort of beauty regime might I have gone through? What would be my goal for the evening (usually my goal is to dance every dance)?


I voraciously devour images of ballrooms and carriages and stories so I can use my imagination to fill in the details.


It never fails to greatly contribute to my good time and I encourage you to follow some of the links included so you can do the same.


At any rate, whether you’re an old-hand at attending historical events or looking for a new adventure, we encourage you to think of the evening’s conceit as a chance to dip an imaginative toe into another time period, to think of what life 200 years ago might have been like for you, and to enjoy an evening of community fun.

We look forward to making your acquaintance at the Rout!

Many Regards,
Mrs. Parks.


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